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The material in the Energy Healing for Everyone website is provided for educational and informational purposes only. The methods taught in this course are not a substitute for proper medical or psychological treatment. Always consult your doctor before undertaking any course of action that may affect your health. Energy Healing is only to be used if you are already
following your doctor's orders. This book is not designed to give medical or psychological advice.
The process of energy healing also does not involve rendering a medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment. Energy Healing allows the healer to act as a facilitator who helps the client's body to heal itself.

Not all energetic conditions respond well to energy healing. Other methods of healing
may be more appropriate in some cases. No single system of healing in the world can address every condition equally well.

The knowledge and skills obtained from this book do not qualify the reader to operate
as a professional energy healer or to heal the public at large. The purpose of this book is to offer you some basic skills to better your own health or that of your loved ones. Becoming a professional energy healer requires years of training and study under the guidance and supervision of a qualified teacher.

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