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Who Is Hovey Williams?

Hovey Williams photo Rev. Grandmaster Hovey Williams, MS, LCPC, GMEH, METS is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a Traditional Chinese Herbalist, a Grandmaster Energy Healer, a Certified Teacher, and an Ordained Minister. He provides services at his private practice, Jade Mountain™ Holistic Health Center, in Geneva, IL. He has patients throughout the United States and in several countries. He also has specialized experience healing horses.

He is the founder of the Mission Energy Healing Institute™, and has trained Energy Healers in several countries and across the United States. He is also the founder of the Asian Health Science™ Institute, which offers courses in psychology, wellness, stress management, meditation, qigong, self-acupressure, Asian nutrition, Taoist energy cultivation, and others.

In the field of psychology he has specialized training in several areas, including working with the Hispanic / Latino population. Grandmaster Williams is a frequent guest-lecturer in college Mental Health Interpreting courses. He has written curriculum for over eighty courses, including college curriculum, high school curriculum, religious coursework, martial arts programs, and healing coursework.

He has studied religion abroad in China, and has extensive training in Buddhism and Taoism. He teaches Buddhist and Taoist meditation methods. He is the United States Foreign Director to the Shao-Lama Temple, China, for Pedagogy, Ethical Cultivation, and Spiritual Development.

He has also studied many forms of Martial Arts, and is a Third-Level Black Sash in Shao-Lama Chinese Temple Boxing. He is an experienced instructor of this art.

He has studied Tuina Anmo Oriental Body Therapy, and Clinical Circulatory Massage Therapy. He has additional training in Thai Medical Massage Therapy.

He is a Composer and Singer-Songwriter. He is also a Novelist, Poet and Playwright. He is fluent in German and Medical Chinese. In his spare time, he may be found doing any one of these activities. His students often wonder these days when he actually finds the time to sleep!




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